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Nutritional Therapy
Naturopathic Healthcare

Reclaiming your health, the natural way.


About LKG Health

Hi, I'm Lydia, a nutritional therapist.

I'm passionate about seeing clients freed from their long-suffered symptoms and find joy in their health again!

I believe in digging into health issues and finding the root cause. 

You shouldn't have to live under a cloud of confusion when it comes to your own health or be left to deal with symptoms alone.

Your body is unique and your symptoms are telling a story.

If you're struggling with out of control symptoms and you're not sure what to do, then let me reassure your body doesn't need another fad diet or unsolicited internet advice it needs a plan, personalised to you!

LKG Health offers downloadable guides so you can begin your health journey TODAY, or you can book an appointment to work 1-1 with me, where we can build a specialised protocol for your needs.

Click around the website or get in touch to find what options could be right for you.

How it works


Registered Nutritional Therapist. DipCNM. mANP. mGNC 

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Schedule a consultation

Receive a custom plan

Reclaim your health!


90 mins        £120

Take a deep dive into your health, discussing your history and present symptoms. No worry too small! Then receive a detailed health protocol suited to your needs to get you on track and feeling good!

Functional testing is also available.



Choose a health package to suit your needs:


  • Gut Reset

  • Hormonal Balance

  • Long-COVID Recovery

  • More package options available


Downloadable Guides

Download a guide to suit your needs and begin working on your health immediately.

  • Good Gut Guide

  • Happy Period Guide

  • Female Fertility Guide


  • Helping you understand how nutrition affects your business.

  • Creating Food & Allergy Matrix for your business.

  • Training staff about common food allergies.

  • Nutritional information for menus.

Talks & Workshops

  • Schedule an engaging and interactive workshop.

  • Great for schools, companies or just a group of friends wanting to learn more about their health.

  • Multiple options available to best suit your needs.


Practitioner Resources

  • Study guides for those studying biomedicine and nutrition.

  • Starter packs for newly qualified nutritional therapists.

  • Business builder pack to ease you into your new nutrition business.

Online & face to face options are available.


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