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Your Business 
& Nutrition

Does your business deal with nutrition? Perhaps you run a cafe, restaurant or roadside burger van.

Customers these days have endless dietary requirements that can be tricky to wrap your head around. Why not have a trained nutritionist alleviate the headache? From staff training in common diets, calorie calculations to meet new menu laws and creating and updating your allergy matrix, there's an option for whatever your need. See below for more info and get in touch to chat!

Staff Training

Elevate your business and empower your staff with in-house training by a qualified nutritionist and previous restaurant manager. Learn about diets, allergies and nutritional protocols, plus any add-ons suitable for your needs.

Suitable for:

- Front of house workers, chefs and recipe developers.

Encourage peace of mind for customers, showing you have complete understanding for their needs. Plus driving repeat custom and happy reviews!


Nutritional Menu Guidance

New laws state food menus must now list the caloric value of each meal.

As a food service provider this can be a time consuming headache and take away from your other, much more demanding tasks.


Instead, you can hire a nutritionist to meet with your chefs and collect information about the food you serve. You will then receive a detailed list of the caloric value of each meal that you can add to your menu.


I can also advise on recipe adjustments to meet calorie requirements if needed.


Allergy Matrix

An allergy matrix is a mandatory file kept by all food service providers. It must include all allergens present in every recipe served within that establishment.

Set your business apart by having a clear, easy-to-read guide tailor made by a nutritionist. When customers or health inspectors request to view you matrix they will be reassured with your complete understanding of key allergens, their components and potential risks of cross contamination.


You will receive both a physical copy for your kitchen binder and a digital copy for your website.


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