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Talks &

Have a qualified nutritionist, passionate about empowerment through health, come to your event, work place or community centre for an engaging workshop.

All talks can be specialised to a specific health topic and talk length is up to you. The options really are limitless, you've got nothing to lose but so much to gain!

Group Talks

Open the discussion for optimised health and host a group talk. Be it IBS, fertility or COVID, lets talk about it and what we can do to start feeling better!

- 30 minute talk on a specific health   topic.

- Nutritional & Supplemental          considerations.

- Group discussion with Q&A

- Free goodie bag from leading          functional medicine brands.

- 10% consultations for attendees.


Charity Events

Whether you're hosting a large charity night or just an informal wellness group, why not have a nutritionist there to share, encourage and empower your cause.

- A specialised talk suited to your      charity.

- Offering findings in the latest          research.

- Self help and nutritional advances.

- Supplemental considerations.

- Group discussion with Q&A


Corporate Workshops

Healthy workers make for a healthy business. Empower your employees through a nutrition workshop to unlock sustainable energy levels and say goodbye to brainfog.

- 20 minute talk on either a specific    health topic or how to encourage      health in a busy life.

- How to build a healthy work          environment.

- Nutritional & Supplemental            considerations.

- Group discussion with Q&A



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